Welcome To Trinity UMC 11:15 AM Sundays

Charleston and South Carolina's Oldest Serving Methodist Congregation Since 1791

Welcome to Trinity United Methodist Church, the heartbeat of Charleston and South Carolina! We are a vibrant and loving community that has been serving all people for generations. Our mission is to bring hope and support to those in need, especially the homeless and poor in Charleston. With a variety of ...

Bringing Compassion to the Underserved Communties in Downtown Charleston

At Trinity UMC, we are guided by the words of Isaiah 58:10, which remind us that through acts of kindness and generosity, our light can shine in the darkest of places. Whether it's feeding the hungry, satisfying the needs of the humble, or simply offering a listening ear, we believe that our actions have the ...

Finding Home in God's Family

We believe that everyone who walks through our doors is a part of God's family. That's why we don't use words like "visitor" or "guest" - when you worship with us, you're not just a guest, you're part of our family.
Here, you'll find a warm and welcoming community, where everyone is accepted just as they are. We ...


This beautiful Sanctuary is only shadowed by the beautiful people people who worship here. If you worship here, you will be blessed by this...  Read more
Mar 19, 2023
Mike Wood
I guess this church did survive the great earthquake of 1886, and a Thai restaurant wasn’t built on it. - Netflix OuterBanks show reference. XD 
Mar 14, 2023
Christopher Ray Thomason